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The main convocation event will be happening on Saturday, the 5th of December, it's a happy and joyous period for many, graduates and parents alike. There would be handing of gift and honors and also those exceptional students who made a first class will get the esteemed opportunity of shaking the VC's hands! Also many firms will be there in search of fresh promising graduates who will do well in their firms.  There also will be scholarship awards for post graduate(Masters and doctorate) studies, both for Local scheme and international scheme. Futo in the past has had history of inviting notable icons and celebrities to their Convocation ceremony....So i'll urge all who are within a permissible radius around Owerri to try and attend the Ceremony, go and rejoice/celebrate with the graduates, 5years in futo is not and will never be easy, but the end result is always worth it!!! thank you... Einsteinpaul

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