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Pls there is an issue i want you to post both here on facebook and any other social media you handle that is within futo jurisdiction. The issue of massive police arrest of innocent Post Utme students by futo C.S.O all in the name of doing his job and depriving many futo aspirants from writing their exams.
I thought that when there is any security issue or offence from any candidate or even misunderstanding within the I.C.T and the student, futo security would have to handle it first before taking it over the police if its beyond them but the so called C.S.O handed over innocent children to the police. Why? If it was his own children that was deprived from writing exams, how will he feel? Pls we need to tackle this issue as soon as possible, let V.C hear about this pls. This is so unfair. Am not happy. Throughout this week i have been going to police station to sort out something that is not even a case, based on to the 1999 constitution. Damn!!! All they took was our money. Imagine!!! Pls post this!

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