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Over the years, some departments in FUTO has been labelled as being difficult to study in, some say the lecturers in these departments are difficult to cope with, while others attribute it to the nature of departmental courses.
The truth is, if a department happens to be your calling, you will find it easy to succeed in such department.

Here are 5 departments you probably thought were difficult to study in FUTO

1) Physics:
People will tell you a lot of story about physics department ranging from how Prof Amanduka refused students from bagging out with first class to how a student was only able to get first class when Prof Amanduka went on Sabbatical leave.
And these stories have made you develop fear for the department.
The truth is that, all departments have equal opportunities.

2) Materials And Metallurgical Engineering:
You probably did not know about this department until you entered into the university (FUTO).
Materials And Metallurgical Engineering is one of the newest department in School Of Engineering; and is subject to the rumour of being the most difficult course to study in FUTO.
The truth is, as I said earlier, all departments have equal opportunities.

3) Chemical Engineering:
You got admission to study Chemical Engineering this year and one of your friend phones you to tell you how tough Chemical Engineering is;
You have not even done your clearance and you are planning on how to DECAMP from Chemical Engineering to one department in SOSC (probably Chemistry). since you think they are a bit similar.
Another friend preaches to you that the lecturers are AKPO
Is chemical Engineering your calling?, follow your dream, don’t mind what people are saying.

4) Optometry:
Your friends may have told you that this is a 6 years course and what if you get an extra year, making it 7 years?
Or they may have teased you, “you no wan graduate with your mates”.
Don’t forget, this is a medical course and it requires more, being a 6 years course shouldn’t be a discouragement, at least, some people are doing medicine for 7 years.

5) Architecture:
You must have probably heard how you are going to draw and draw and draw until your back begins to ache.
How your waist will ache you because of too many assignment until you start using walking stick.
The truth is, Architecture is a loving course.

Written by: Obi Chukwudi (TMT)

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