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Written by Infoscope:

Today, the unique department of chemical engineering commenced its social week. The Departmental Building located adjacent to Hall A experienced a sonorous & colourful atmosphere this morning as Students of the department appeared in their New Customised T-shirts cum engaged in various Social and sporty activities ranging from table tennis to chess, ludo, football and so on.
The whole fun was nearly truncated as the Man O War crew and the Students Union Government's Director of Socials stormed the Department.
Emekene Shedrak, a 100L faithful of the department told our correspondent that the Man O War crew lamented that the Departmental Director of Socials didn't not notify them of such the Event.
According to him, the SUG DOS was also of the same view, that he wasn't notified.
They created a scene as they tried to take away the Generating set used to Power the sound systems.
However, the situation was resolved amicably.
After hours, the whole fun was disrupted by the rain which some of the students described as showers from God to mark the commencement of the their Social Week.

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