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Nominations have begun for FUTO's Best Lodge To Live In - 2015 Edition.

Nominations and eventual votes should be based upon the following criteria:
1. Utilities - Light, water, e.t.c
2. Hygiene - How neat the lodge is.
3. Room space - Spacious room and bathroom.
4. Security. - If this lodge is secure or has a history of robbery and break-ins.
5. Notoriety - How well known the lodge is.
6. Generosity of residents and caretaker.
7. Tendency of residents to cooperate with others.

To nominate a lodge, simply reply to this topic or make a comment on the facebook post we created for this purpose. You are required to nominate not more than 6 lodges (2 per zone/village). For example:

Ihiagwa - Apple lodge and Pawpaw crib
Eziobodo - Mango lodge and Banana cottage
Umuchima - Orange lodge and Plantain mansion

You are free to nominate less than 6 lodges if necessary.

Nomination will end on Friday the 10th of July 2015, and then the voting system will be created afterwards for each zone.

List Of Nominees

Umuchima / LaFarge (23)
Android Villa
Bliss Mansion
Ave Maria
Champaign Villa
Christ The King
Cross Lodge
De Vista
Emirates Suite
Eversmooth Lodge
Fabulous Lodge
Facebook Lodge (umuchima)
Feel@Home Lodge
G.R.A Villa
JT Hostel
Koko Mansion
Legacy Homes
Playboy Mansion
Prestige Lodge
Queen Of Peace
Royal Villa Hostel
Saviour Lodge
Eziobodo (36)
Andy's Villa
Blessed St. Jude's
City Global
D Angels Lodge
Decency Hostel
Diamond Apartment
Dollars Villa
Dominion City
Dovers Lodge
Facebook Lodge (eziobodo)
Favour Lodge
Friendship Lodge
Grace Lodge
Glo Lodge
Hillary's Lodge
JC Hostel
John Paul
J.O.J Lodge
Jonvill Lodge
King Jeff Lodge
Mac J
Miki's Comfort
Moon Light Lodge
Niccavo Suites
One Love
Parliament Lodge
Porsche Villa
St. Joseph lodge
Strong Tower of Glory
Twin Empire
Ugo Lodge
Ugo Lodge Ext.
United Villa
Unity Base
Ihiagwa / Umu'elem (5)
Brothers and Sisters Lodge
Candy's Lodge
Destiny's Lodge
Diamond Lodge
Salvation Spot

#1:July 06, 2015, 11:15:51 AM
Umuchima - Royal Villa Hostel
#2:July 06, 2015, 05:55:38 PM
Eziobodo, city global, friendship
Umuchima, christ the king, playboy mansion
Ihiagwa, diamond
#3:July 13, 2015, 03:09:53 PM
eziobodo, Andy's VillĂ 

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