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If you are newly admitted, Congrats! Now you
may consider getting an accomodation.
If you wish to leave off camp, here are the few
tips you need to know about finding a lodge.
Tip 1: Ask people to help you look for lodge
Sometimes, asking people to find a lodge for you
maybe the easiest way, meet old students, or
make a new friend, or even talk to someone you
meet. Ask the person to help you check for a
vaccant lodge.
Tip 2: Go to the lodges yourself
While asking people to help you find a lodge is a
good option, Going to lodges yourself maybe the
most effective option.
Go to the lodge yourself, meet the caretaker and
ask him if there is any vacant room, collect his
number and communicate with him.
Tip 3: Go on time
Waiting till school resumes fully will reduce your
chances of getting a lodge, so try to start as early
as possible to look for a lodge.
Tip 4: Track final years
Final years, always leave thier lodge, so knowing
a final year student and tracking when he packs
out will also be a good option, If you dont know
any ask an old student to show you some final
year students, you can meet them and talk to
them. If they will pack out then you will take thier
Tip 5: Go a bit far from school
Lodges close to school are always occupied,
when looking for a lodge its good to look for ones
close to school, but if you cant see any vaccant
one, Its time to go far!
Just go some few distance away from school you
will find vaccant lodges.
Tip 6: Track New lodges
Check lodges that are near to being completed.
Some will give you an already finished room while
they finish the rest. So Go there ask the people
working there if they have started renting out the
This are just the few tips that will help you get a
lodge faster.
If you are considering the best location to stay,
wait In my next post I will let you know the pros
and cons of each location, Eziobodo, Ihiagwa,
Obinze, etc.
If you may need help from me, you can contact
me on 08103091252 or follow me on facebook,
by clicking the link below this post. Thanks

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