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Six final year students have been expelled by the school, some of who are executives of the Students Union Government (SUG).

The reason for the expulsion is that the school believes (albeit without proof) that they encouraged the riot which took place in the school after the school fees hike. During the strike, lots of school properties were destroyed, including office windows. The school responded by shutting down and going on an indefinite strike which has lasted for months.

The problem here is that the  school increased the school fees (which is paid by students) to almost double its previous amount without seeking for students opinion or consulting the SUG if these "new features" would be necessary or not.

There are a lot of poor families struggling to pay the already high school fees for their children in FUTO and support them with feeding and pocket money. Coupled with the current recession, increasing fees is just punishment.

Why were the fees increased? Let's take a look...

Introduction of Direct Communication With The Vice Chancellor via Twitter
If you believe this could happen, you probably aren't a Futo student, or you're just naive. Futo that never replies to or takes months to reply to emails sent to official school emails now wants to do twitter support? Okay. Even if there's any form of communication, the first scam will be that the VC will not handle the account himself, the second scam will be that messages will not be promptly responded to. Any where in the world, if you pay for a service, you should expect a prompt response if you report issues. I don't see that happening and that's a red flag for me.

Total Scrapping of Illegal Charges For Course Registration
Why don't you just scrap it. Why is it being included in the school fees? I don't understand.

Provision of Shuttle Buses on Campus
Which only goes to Owerri (Town). Most students live either in the hostel or in communities around the school (Iheagwa, Umuchima, and Eziobodo). This will only benefit lecturers who probably aren't paying for it.

Installation of WiFi Network For N7000
Which won't work 90% of the time. I thought they had done something like this before which was a massive fail. I remember it was either slow, network was out of reach, or it wasn't working at all. I suggest they make this an option. If anyone wants internet, they'll pay and get a passcode for it, like internet cafes.

Restructuring of Security Network to Help Reduce Crime on Campus
I don't understand. Isn't this your job? Why are we paying subscription for less crime as though you were intentionally letting crime happen in the first place.

Read Elvis Onuoha's report (SUG Sec Gen)

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