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Written by Mberede Chimaobi

If you are familiar with futo matriculation and the kind of euphoria it generates especially among new students, you will think that they are being inducted into a HALL OF FAME but looking beyond the matric, you will find out the are being inducted into a HALL OF HELL.

After today, many of them have 100 title blocks to draw courtesy of some lecturers who think that learning should be an academic torture. Some of them are still skipping classes for medical when their mates are in classes because medicals is always on short supply of necessary medical supplies. Some are blatantly clueless because they just got admitted 2 or 3 days courtesy of the VC's list when their mates got admitted last year. Some are still in oblivion because orientation was done 6 or 7 weeks after school has resumed, some just had a rude awakening because they just found out that their physics lecturer lectures himself over them and skips classes while still reminding them on how catastrophic it will be for them to fail it. Some are just are hearing picaresque tales of how to read and pass because a good G.P is what you need and not a good understanding of what you are learning.

Happy Matric pals.

- Mberede Chimaobi

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