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Check out this photo of a guy and girl walking their dog in school. What do you think about owning a dog in FUTO? This photo raises a lot of questions:

1. What is the benefit of owning a dog in school?

2. Is it allowed to walk your dog around the school during school hours?

3. Where would the dog live? On the assumption that the owners live in a rented room like every other student.

4. Would you be able to feed the dog properly? Considering that dog food is expensive (fufu and leftover soup will not cut it), and that a hungry dog is a thief's best friend.

5. Do you have an insurance plan, or a course of action to take if your dog harms another student.

6. The economy is dwindling, inflation has reached puberty, boys aren't smiling. What measures would you take to make sure futo boys from the south don't barbecue this dog at the slightest opportunity?