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Seeing the letter 'A' beside a course on results day is the sweetest feeling. But getting that 'A' depends on how much you want it.

How desperately do you want an 'A'?


1. On the exam day, leave no stone unturned. Never assume that answering 3 questions will get you a B or C. Those three questions could have flaws. If you are required to attempt 5 questions, then attempt 5 no matter what happens.

2. Even if you do not know how to solve a question, just take the time to try to figure something out no matter how silly it looks. All adventures begin when you put your pen on the paper and DECIDE to solve that question, you'll be amazed at how much you can write.

3. One mark is never too small, because someone with a '39' is in an entirely different world from someone with a '40'.

4. In the same vein, no lecturer can give pity marks to someone with a blank answer booklet. There has to be something in the booklet first.

Good luck to everyone taking the exams. Pour out that gray matter and serve it fresh to them.

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