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Textbooks should only be used for reference and nothing more, unless that textbook is recommended by the lecturer, or; is the only text available on the course. Usually, topics that would be used in preparing examination questions have been handpicked from textbooks and summarized in your lecture NOTEBOOKS.

"So What Would You Recommend?"
Step 1: Study your notebooks
Step 2: Solve and understand every single question in at least ONE past examination question paper of the same course. (Yes, studying every question in one PQ paper is better than solving random questions in different PQ papers.)

The average futo student takes about 7 courses every semester. Set aside 7 weeks from the start of the semester (one week per course) to study your notes and past questions (this is why it is advisable to photocopy or borrow notes from predecessors.)
A random student might argue - "Hey, but doing that won't give me time for any social activity."
Abraham Lincoln once said and I quote - "He who glances into his notebook one hour per day all semester long without understanding anything, will perform better than someone of the same capacity reading excessively one week to the examination day."

Though Lincoln never said it, but it's true.

"What Do I Do If I Only Have One Week To The Examination Day?"
It is never wise to start studying one week to your examination date (especially if you're taking more than one course that semester). Unless you have a close relation working as an apprentice to a dibia in one local shrine in the east, you're most definitely screwed.

BUT, where there's a will, there's always a way.

Step 1: If you have one week to study for about 7 courses, first identify your free time before and during the examination period. Usually courses would be spread out over two weeks, so you should have some free time in-between papers. If on the other hand your courses are sardined into one week, you better start looking for that dibia.

Now, divide your free time into 7 portions (you don't have to use a calculator, this is not math). Just share out your free time depending on how vast a course is.

Step 2: Bin your textbooks (they will only waste the little time you have). If you have assigned more than one day to study for a course, use all the time before the last day to read only your notebooks. The last day should be reserved for past questions. If you have assigned only one day to study for a course, scroll down.

"What Do I Do If I Only Have Only One Day To Study For My Course?"
Get a past question paper, look at the first question, then ask yourself - "Do I know how to solve this?" If the answer is no, search for that topic in your notebook and study it quickly, then come back to your PQ and solve it. Move on to question 2. e.t.c

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