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Written by Futo Gist, Facebook:

We have gathered that the Man O'War member who s3xually harrassed a female student yesterday in her hostel is called 'Unanka Bright' also known as the "C in C" (which means Commander in Chief) of the Man O'War group in FUTO. We do not have a photo of the culprit at the moment; Anyone who does should send it to us for the safety of the public.

"Regarding the fate of the Man O'War group, we have been informed that the Vice Chancellor has ordered the suspension of the group until the matter is resolved, compliments of the protest by the girls yesterday.
As for the culprit, there are no reports of his whereabouts or if any punishments has been designated for his actions.

What do you think the verdict of this matter should be?
Will a complete dissolution of the group be well deserved, or a little too harsh?"

There were a lot of negative comments on the facebook post as enraged girls rained abused on the MOW. A few people however stated that the culprit alone should be punished and the entire MOW group should be left alone to continue their activities. Here are a few of the comments.
Past Man O'War members and one past commander also joined the comments to voice their opinions.
Here are a few of the comments.

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