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Late last night, at about 12am, the peaceful night sleep of many students residing in the hostel area was cut short by screams of girls from Hostel C. These screams were loud and were even heard by students residing as far as Hostel A.   The screams were then shortly combined with loud banging of items like buckets, plates, doors e.t.c. At first thought, one would think the building was on fire or something worse was happening to the girls.  One of the male students residing in the hostel said:
"Mehn.. When I heard the screams, I almost took 2 my heels. I thought boko haram had invaded our school".

Well as it turned out, a male student who is also a member of the security group known as Man O'war (MOW), had allegedly molested a female student in Hostel C in the middle of the night. Our informant who requested to remain anonymous said the MOW official invited the girl (to the MOW room in same hostel) and after a while the girl was heard screaming prompting other girls to stage a revolt against the MOW, thereby causing pandemonium throughout the hostel vicinity.

This morning, female students were seen gathered in front of Hostel C performing a protest and even going as far as the schools senate building. They are asking for the MOW group to be dissolved.

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