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Written by Chukwuka Steve
Edited by Stanley

Eziobodo is a village in Owerri, it is one of the biggest areas of residence for FUTO students. It is said to habour more FUTO students than Umuchima, Ihiagwa and Umu-elem combined. This is due to the fact that Eziobodo is located only some 70 metres away from the school which is a walkable distance (for every normal human being) unlike the other three major areas which would require some means of transportation.

There are many lodges in Eziobodo and the number is always on the rise. Some lodges have been around for quite a long time and their names have become famous and well known to most students and bike riders, some other lodges on the other hand, became well known because of how expensive or exquisite they are.

Based on a research conducted by Chukwuka Steve, the lodges listed below are the most popular lodges in Eziobodo as at the time of writing. Listed in descending order.


The name Glo Lodge is synonymous with Eziobodo. Mention this name to any bike man and he will zoom you to Eziobodo straight, no questions asked. Although a couple other new lodges in Umuchima have stolen the name but the glory of Glo Lodge can never be stolen. Glo lodge has been around since Abraham, it has gained so much popularity, thanks to its famous "Glo Lounge" which houses game centres (Konami), cafes, stores, and a pool table where 'less busy' students hang around to while away their free time.
It is located just along the road, opposite Parliament lodge and beside Facebook lodge (name theft from umuchima).
Glo Lodge is hands down the most popular lodge in Eziobodo.


The second most popular lodge in Eziobodo is Mac J. This Lodge, located beside Dominion city, is well known for its famous 4-a-side football matches. It is also made popular by the match viewing and football betting centers beside it. Mac J is owned by a one time lodge member Ebuka known as 'Bukki' who also owns a barbing salon along futo road. Their caretaker 'Oga yellow', is one of the most influential carekers in Eziobodo. This is the second most popular lodge in Eziobodo.


The big boys lodge. Parliarment lodge is well known for its class. It is one of the most expensive in Eziobodo and often seen as the lodge for rich guys and girls (although that is how it is perceived from outside). It is also located along futo road, opposite Glo lodge.
Some people say Parliament lodge is overhyped and not as exquisite as it looks from outside. Maybe, maybe not. Parliament is the third most popular lodge in Eziobodo all thanks to its unique look.


Because of its name, some people claim this lodge was built by a pastor. Well, this sounds like an irony in itself considering that its occupants have the most wayward lifestyle in the whole of Eziobodo. This is also the lodge with the highest number of rooms in Eziobodo. It is made up of 4 separate buildings that spans one large compound. It is located beside Mac-J lodge.
It is the 4th most popular lodge in Eziobodo.


This is where the first class students reside. Its occupants are also well known for their love of beans and yam.
City Global is another lodge which has been around for a very long time. It is green in color and is usually mistaken for Glo Lodge (especially by bike riders). It consists of two very tall buildings in one compound. City Global can be located beside Ugo lodge extension along the path in front of Bukki's barbing salon.


This is a new lodge, the newest lodge on the list, but has gained popularity quickly, thanks to its look, having two outstanding aesthetic pillars in front of it.
Hillary's lodge is probably the tallest lodge in Eziobodo. It is located beside Twin empires. This lodge is very secured and furnished with two televisions in public rooms that occupants can watch live football matches with. It has often received criticism for its poor room design. 6th position.
Note that this is where Chukwuka Steve resides, so we cannot tell if this had any influence on its appearance on his list.

Honourable mentions include Victor's lodge, Friendship lodge, and Kelvin's courtyard.

Did we miss any? Tell us about it.

#1:May 25, 2015, 08:43:20 AM
5 nd 6 are not supposed to be in d list. their popularity hv not been well known.. replace it wit KING JEFF, J.C hostel, friendship or Dombolo OR u make d list to be top 10

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