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By Martin mundus

Occupants Revolt Against Man o war

It has been total commotion in NDDC hostel since last night as hostel occupants fight the MAN O WAR's assigned to them.
It was gathered that the cause of the fight was as a result of the constant oppression and maltreatment dealt on the hostel occupants by the man O war.
The worse of all was the beating of the much respected and admired hostel governor by the man o war which sparked the chaos. As at the time of writing this report, the whole hostel was under serious pandemonium as the students were ready to relinquish their anger on any MAN O WAR member they see.

3 hours later, Enter The Military

The case at NDDC hostel seems to be excalating as it's now between the MAN O WAR and the MILITARY. Obviously the students and the beaten hostel governor must have brought them in.

A student  at the hostel reported that there was a serious fight between the two big heads.

The hostel is still tensed and who knows what will happen next?


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