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Even as the issue of the 3-day holiday given by the school authority(FUTO) for student to pay their school fees and register their courses is still being debated, a large crowd of students can be seen in the bank trying to pay theirs to avoid stories that touches the heart........a student believed to be a honorable member of the student union government(name witheld) wrote an open letter to the vice chancellor of the this great citadel of learning. You can read it below.

Dear VC
Good morning sir. I know you're in good health
and business is going as planned. I wish you
don't get this letter but on a second thought, I
really hope you do. I'm sure you don't remember
me but I'll try to help you do Sir.
There's this young man that met you at last
year's annual football competition organized in
your name. I led my departmental team to the
finals and was opportune to share a handshake
with you. You even promised 50 thousand naira
for my team as runners-up of the competition but
quite predictably sir,that is all I heard about the
cash. I know you're a man of your words.
(Hopefully I'll get it before I graduate.) Do you
remember me now sir?
Thank you for attempting to remember sir but
this letter is not about that money.
I have a lot of appeals to make but I'll try to be
clear and concise.
Sir, we all got the memo passed to all the
students informing that there will be no academic
activities from Monday to Wednesday this week;
to enable students pay up their school fees and
failure to so within this stipulated period would
mean the defaulters would miss the already
looming harmattan semester examinations.
Permit me to say before I continue that I'm
writing this letter from an Engineering lecture
going on somewhere inside school. I guess our
bald-pated, hoarse- voiced lecturer didn't hear
about that memo.
You and I know Sir that FUTO is a very gruesome
place to be but I realize its not all your fault. I
realize quite doubtably too that you're doing
everything within your powers to make this place
a little less frustrating. It would be ungrateful of
me if I don't commend you for all that and more.
I want to make a confession Sir. I was sent my
school fees by my parents some time ago but I
didn't pay it. I used it to solve some other
pertinent problems at that time. A lot of us do
this here but we have no justifiable excuse for it.
No worries Sir, I've gotten it back by myself and
before Wednesday, I will pay it. I swear.
But Sir, this letter is not about me. I'm writing to
you about the female student whose parents have
honestly not sent her school fees because they
haven't come up with it yet. There's this other
male student who relies on the goodwill of some
relatives to survive here in school. My point Sir, is
that there is a reasonable amount of students
who are yet to pay their school fees because they
are victims of some real circumstances beyond
their control.
It would be pointless to start reminding you Sir of
the grueling economic terrain in this country even
though it is us students who have a first hand
experience of its injustices.
I ask Sir, that we'll be given a little grace; help us
tell the lecturers to allow every one write the
exam. This is only the first semester and second
semester is not so far off. This law can be
enacted then but we would have been given
ample time to come up with the school fees.
I understand, quite honestly too that even then,
some students won't still come up with the
school fees but then you must have sated your
conscience and that of every other well meaning
Nigerian student.
Though I honestly don't understand the
bureaucracy behind alloting albeit high school
fees figures in a federal university of technology, I
still wonder why we don't ever get the numerous
utilities we pay for in the school fees each year
but I guess that's none of my business.
I won't fail to thank you sir for the SUG. We love
them for all they are in situations like this - the
I revere you a lot Sir and I would further tell every
one who cares to listen how good a man you are
if you give an ear to my pleas.
Ndeewo Sir in earnest anticipation.
Concerned Nigerian Student.

Reporting........ UGBAJAH KIZITO (SKB)

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