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It's been months since futo released its post-utme results,and for we Freshers we been waiting like forever for these numbsucks to resume and finally they have[let's just hope they don't postpone it till March,cuz I'll just hire boko-boys to blow up the school].
Well this article is not necessarily about futo but Owerri.A city that has felt my presence just three times,first during my uncles wedding,then my grandpa's burial[moment of silence,may his rugged spirit R.I.P,amen],then finally during post utme.Don't know much about this city though but three things ve heard about and am sure of is,1 owerri got hot girls,wait what kinda teenager won't wanna live in a city filled with hot ladies[hehe just saying oo],2 owerri is an hotspot for grooving,for a 21st century boy this the kinda life we literally into[pardon me sha imma serious student],3 owerri amaka[lol],maybe not in the same level with Ph,Lagos,enugu and Co but am sure this city is pretty,,with the few parts I saw when I was around though.
So here my question go,owerri what surprises do u have in stock for me???,hope am gonna like it schooling/living here with your people,streets,lifestyle,ideology,etc influencing me for the next couple of years,hope your institution is gonna breed an undisputable engineer within his stay,and finally owerri hope ve got a friend in You??..and yea owerri hope you gonna be sharing some of those hot ladies with me ooo *winks*
Sorry people I was just having a moment with my hometown back to my article,am gonna like to meet a couple of freshmen so we could do the clearance thing together #clearancebuddies,and smh ooo I dunno how to speak igbo that much ,*sobs*,,anyone care to be my teacher??no worry it's not free am paying #50 for a week and #200 for three weeks,lol,but wait yea only ladies are allowed to apply though
AM looking forward to life ahead at owerri,the friends I'm gonna meet,my education,my famz and you guys.   Owerri,a city I'm hoping I'll love
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#1:January 20, 2016, 03:37:18 PM
Ndi mmadu sef
#2:January 27, 2016, 04:00:30 PM
Wat iš de meaning of dis? Some ppLe sHa

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