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Around 10am today, a crowd gathered opposite the All Saints Chapel of Federal University of Technology Owerri to witness the gushing of water from a tree. Many believe it's a miracle and that the water that has the capability of healing any sickness. So many people came to take a look at the said Miracle water, allegedly including the Vice Chancellor of the Institution.

Students and staff of the institution were seen rushing to the site where clean water gushed out from an old tree opposite the All saint's chapel FUTO. Most of the students struggled to fetch the water as they believed it was a sign from GOD that FUTO is in the hands of God.

One of the eye witnesses said "We saw the water coming out of the tree with full force as if it was being pumped and we all rushed to fetch the water because we believe it was from God".

According to a professor in the institution, he said "A big pipe running across that tree may have burst and water due to capillarity rose up the tree and is coming out through the pores of the tree".

A new fellowship "Water of Life Ministry" has sprung up with full effect choosing the tree as their place of worship. See pictures below.

Reported by Uchenna stanley (TMT 200L), Aniebo Anthony (MME 100L) and  Emmymdk

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