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Good Day Futo Aspirants... As You Read This Article, Bear In Mind That Futo Isn't Like Every Other School, The Aptitude Test (Postume) Is Different Here, So Before You Go In For The Exams,You Should Have These In Your Mind.

1. GETTING A HIGH SCORE: History Of PostUme Exams In Futo has proven that majority of the students admitted in the must have scored high marks and have merited the admission, so you don't have a low mark and expect to pass/be admitted. Scores ranging from 200 - 290.

2.KNOW YOUR DEPARTMENT: For you to be admitted to a particular department, you should know that most departments look at high Postume scores, Departments Like Optometry(OPT), Information Management Technology(IMT) and most of the Engineering Courses.

3. O'LEVEL: Your O'level results gives you a better chance of getting admitted for e.g you can't get an E8 in Chemistry and expect to be admitted into Chemistry Department, this mistake has cost students their admission in previous years.

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