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The long awaited FUTO BUS SHUTTLE SERVICES for students, staff and visitors to the University has commenced. The newly acquired fully air-conditioned buses were commissioned by the Vice-Chancellor on Monday, 24th August, 2015.

Modalities Of Operations

1. For now, there are Eight(8) routes for departure and they are as follows:

MCC road
Orji Junction
Amakohia Orlu road
Fire service- Egbu road
Wethderal roundabout
Emmanuel college
FUTO main gate
FUTO back gate.

2. Departure time:

Route 1-6, Bus leaves by 7am and returns by 4pm.
Route 7-8, bus takes off every hour by from 8:15pm to 7:15pm.

3. Transportation fee:

N80 per trip or drop (N60 for bulk purchased tickets) from FUTO to any location outside the campus for single tickets.

N50 per trip or drop (N30 for bulk purchased tickets) inside FUTO for single tickets.

4. Buses will run within campus every 20minutes from 8am to 7pm.

Congratulations to the Vice-chancellor on a job well done as this new development will help to alleviate the problems of transportation for Nigerian students.

Aniebo Anthony.

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