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Onwa Franklin is no stranger when it comes to politics in FUTO, the young chap clearly knows his beans. He has written an open letter to the Coalition Party in a bid to encourage harmony and unison in future political episodes. Read the letter below.


Cc: The SUG, FUTO.

The National executive cabinet… The BOT… Other parastatal grassroots’ forums… super stakeholders and stakeholders, I salute you.

I am a strong fanatic of the father to son transfer trend of advice – i.e. loyalty on the part of the ward, but yet I don’t think a reverse son to father akin sessions would seem obscene – that would only depict wisdom on the part of the father.

The purpose of this is not to gore anyone’s ass or point accusing fingers, but rather to the wise; it will expose the innovative flaws and propose a way forward. Over the years, Coalition and the PDP have been yin and yang. Being as it may, its openness is to flaunt benevolence and give the opposition party the mandates to tap from its subtle ingenious knowledge, being reason why the student union was also copied.

Spending ample number of years in FUTO plus active participation in leadership as well as the political tussles involved therein has added positively to my archives of knowledge and wealth of personal development, and it’s based on that knowledge – from that reservoir, that I write.

Haven experienced a number of party leadership sessions, and my active protagonism which led me karaaing for SEET PRO, SUG PRO and Ambassador – all under the innovative movement, I think to a colossal extent, experience would surface in the better part of my lines.

From my year one, I have been strongly bound by no legal obligation whatsoever; neither departmental, or due to stands of the stakeholders that guided me enroute my endeavours to this present day hardcore coalist – but yet, my bound was by self volition.

One would elicit what prompted this urge, this self will to join the party…


We all came into the party for one reason or the other, but the majority joined because they wanted a platform to boost and increase their leadership skills – a platform to help them unleash the hidden leadership traits they posses.

Without mentioning names, I laud the efforts of the leaders that endorsed me personally as a coalist, because in their footsteps I tried to put my feet and their ways; I emulated. They instilled in me that innovative spirit.
But today – that leadership spirit has been overwritten.

An innovative friend once proposed that weak SRCs + weak stakeholders = weak party. As at the time of this proposition, the Hon. Was very right – maybe I wasn’t thinking well.

Permit me to criticize and amend that; even a 100% strong SRCs + weak stakeholders even leave us with more failure. What then am I saying?

The strength of any organisation is a direct result of the strength of its leaders.

Politicians tell you what you want to hear, but leaders tell you what you need to hear. So many a times I ask myself, how many of us in the party tell these aspirants what they need, how many tell them to change their haircut, how many teach them how to dress well, who and who has called to give assignments? How many help them in public speaking lessons???

CHAMDOR…!!! ANDRE…!!! Is that what the majority now seek? If yes, then we are still in line. It is important as a test of loyalty, but its sacrosanctity must not be over emphasized. But if that’s the only thing the majority seek, then there is cause for alarm. So why do we parade ourselves as leaders, why do we tag ourselves stakeholders? When we have no stake in human development?

Maybe I understand the part of always being mean (no smiling) – probably so that we are not taken for granted and no iota of information is leaked from goofing around, but is that the only side we can offer? I mean, politicians are meant to be like coins – the one side says politics, and sometimes you turn to the other side that says guardianship (leadership).

I still respect the words of Comr. Divine King to me in my bid for SUG PRO.

Our leaders must be more like thermostats than thermometers. Yes, both are capable of measuring heat. But In juxtaposition, thermometers are passive; they only measure the temperature of the environment but can do nothing to change the environment. A thermostat is an active instrument; it determines what the environment will be. It effects change in order to create a climate, which change have you made for the grassroots around you?

The attitude of our leaders (the stakeholders), coupled with a good atmosphere (the party), can encourage people to accomplish great things.

A leader is supposed to always say three things… If anything goes bad, I did it. If anything goes semi-good, we did it. If anything goes perfectly good, then they did it. That’s what we want to hear, enough of this “I am too much”.

George barna: “Great organizations may have great leaders and a poor structure, but I’ve never seen a great organization survive with a great structure and a poor leader”

We are tired of this innovative pride. That pride that coalition mercenaries are always there to deliver – deliver what? If we boast of structures and yet, nothing to show for it, then are we not doomed? Yes an always winning mentality is the way forward, but without hard work? …without unity? – It’s nonsense!

“Coalition had what it could take – the wherewithal to deliver me, but they are lazy.” Words of a son.
I wondered what the future will look like if ten to twenty one-time-members engage in this school of thought, the party becomes an apocalypse, a scene for escapades; one to slap as long as you have your adoption money handy.

How much loyalty do you expect from a son, who paid you off with a huge bunch on adoption night? Or what more when loyal followers of the party are denied the hand of fellowship only because their pockets were not able to meet the adoption requirements? What then is betrayal?

The party is sitting on a keg of gun powder, probably disguised as pride and until something is done, the gun powder would repeat what it did during the late 60s. Specifically 1967 – 1970.

SEET is cooking up one thing, SMAT is orchestrating another, SOSC won’t be left out and thus; all the schools as states, become foes rather than allies. How would we progress?

We must embrace that common course in unity and humility.

When people work for a common course, they no longer add to their growth potential, their unity multiplies their strength.

Acquiring and keeping good people is a leader’s most important task. So a leader must be interested in growing follow leaders – Because it’s only in this course that the goal is achieved. If the leader produces 11/11, yes he will make his damnedest and faint, leaving the posterity in an unknown doom.

Coalition must begin to grow leaders – that’s how we can grow the institution.

Albert Schweitzer: Example is not the main thing in influencing others, it’s the only thing.

Leadership continues after FUTO. Let’s lead by example.

Kudos to all coalists on successful completion of their exams.

I formally use this medium to say felicitations to all our final years – our recent graduates; who at the time of this letter have turned super-stakeholders. – Thanks for your positive impact to the party.

And to the erstwhile 400 LEVEL, I wish you success as you take up the mantle – congrats.

Onwa Franklin C. – the PROtagonist.

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