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The current president of the Students Union Government, Ezenwa Obinna has released a statement on facebook which was intended to be an introductory message to the new students, but ended up looking like all it did was pour accolades on the vice chancelor based his achievements over the years. Not surprisingly, some old students
 posted counter comments disagreeing with his claims and pointed out areas which the vice chancellors wind of change hasn't blown to. There were also an equal amount of comments agreeing with the SUG president and upholding the vice chancellor. Read the message and comments below:



FUTO is a highly reputable institution that recognizes the importance of inculcating excellence in students. Interestingly, the philosophy of the current Vice Chancellor underscores the conceptualization of success in the academic life of her students. Students are expected to give 100% attention, nothing less, in their academic work and this has profound implications in the ability of her graduates and undergraduates come out into the society yearly.
This effort, as well as his so many but unambiguous ideology, has taken FUTO into internation standard. FUTO currently sits first among her equals in the entire Southeast region, 3rd in the south-south and southeast region and 12th in the whole federation; out of 100 best universities in Nigeria based on the NUC ranking in 2015. Yes, people seem genuinely surprised by such hight because it is the same school that has ranked 48th and then 23rd in previous years. Today, FUTO is ranked the best Federal University of Technology in Nigeria; an unparalleled achievement by the current team of seasoned administrators chaired by our amiable Vice -Chancellor, Professor C. C, Asiabaka.
In academics, FUTO has recorded 100% in all her accreditations throughout his tenure. FUTO now has increase in building/structural developments with many more still ongoing. As a FUTO students, you are therefore expected to embrace excellence and work in pari parsu with the mantra "Quest For Excellence" in order to remain a good ambassador of the university.
At this point in time, I want to let the world know that we have the best Vice-Chancellor in the whole of Southeast, south-south and south-sahara.

Chairman Council Of SUG Presidents Imo State.

Futo! Best federal university hmm,Mr President incase you don't know let me bring to your notice that Microbiology a dept in the same best university failed the just concluded Accreditation.As a matter of fact i don't want to believe that SUG 001 is nt aware that Microbiology currently do not have 100level.and upto this minute Futo management hv nt said or done anything to tackle the ugly situation.You now tell me who is deceiving who? Hmm mr President check urself in a mirror.Futo cn be rank anything but i believe you know the truth.pls dnt dress the TRUTH. Keep up the good work my amiable presido.

If you are a futo student why not speak well of your sch publicly Mr Kalison. To be honest our Vice-Chaancellor has done well.

excellent write not an enemy of success and am nt blindto say futo hasnt experienced some positive changes at least in recent years...we must not also relent cos we have some negleted lapses...we must remove that image stress from our dear can we be using an incompetent microfinance as our sole receptor of payments(hostel accommodation final years clearance fee,medical clearance fee etc) are paid in one bank..we need more banks in futo...and some of this payment should be arranged in such a way that they can be paid anywhere in Nigeria....secondly our acceptance fee is at d high side some reductions should be made....thirdly the method of transportation within d skul should be changed and d cost reduced also transportation cost to and from town is not encouraging..students cost of living can be made more minimal....EVEN THIS LAPSES I AGREE WITH YOU THAT OUR VC HAS DONE WONDERFULLY WELL. Thank u my leader

we are nt there yet,but there has been immence development and infrastructure put in place.. Forward‬ ever backward never...

Even though that great FUTOites are being seasoned for the worst of their academic aspirations, life expectancies etc, but inspite of all odds, let us with one accord, prepare, pray and work for the best; helping one another, where and when necessary. I believe that in the spirit of the FUTO mantra (quest for excellence) shall we all steer to success. God bless us all.

Kalison, Loosing acreditation is a normal thing. Mcb is nt the first dept to loose it. Go to SOET, up to 3 dept there lost theirs too. So lets nt criticize anybody. #‎IrepAEC‬

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