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Written by my bro Charles Uchenna:

Understanding futo politics for uninterested students can be very fun, on the other hand UNCALLED FOR. It is the way forward for some patriotic powerful clues who play the game.
For the guy nextdoor, it is an irrelevant policy which goes a hard way cementing our status quo as being "POLITICALLY ANIMALISTIC". Viewing through the angle of depression, the means of determination of assumed power may include purse and radicality.
In less figurative terms,to be powerful is to stand on much uncountered points. Will i be on a much safer side if i assume that the policy is lame since the product is equal to zero but nevertherless it can be intrinstic depending on ones idiosyncrasy.

WE ASK WHAT COUNTS? Is it popularity or ostentiousity or ones generosity?. Unfulfilled past promises made us "POLITICAL APARTHY" and that may be our greatest undoing because it contributes to the non-accounted weight-gain of the political higi haga that faces futo constituency. Judge me not afterall it is THE SAME OLD STORY.

#1:June 30, 2015, 06:32:48 PM
Bro what do you mean by "higi haga"?

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